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Beautiful Bronze Sculptures made the Old Fashioned Way........Interior Design, Home Staging & Home Décor accents

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Ernst Barlach Expressionist Sculpture
Der Berserker samurai ninja Bronze Statue
Native Indian Chief Reclined Smoking Peace Pipe
Carl Kauba (1865 - 1922) Bronze Statue
La Melodie Bronze Statue
Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse Bronze Statue
Burghers of Calais - Auguste Rodin
Andrieu d Andres

Art Deco Walking Tigers
Bronze Staue Bronze Sculpture

Ernst Barlach German Expressionist Sculpture
"Der Schwebende Engel" - Hovering Angel Bronze Bust Statue
''Liseuse'' (The Reader), Bronze Statue
Albert Carrier-Belleuse (French, 1824-1887)
Pristine Art Deco Diana Artemis F Preiss Sculpture
Nickle Plated Statue

Thinker by Auguste Rodin
Bronze Statues Bronze Sculptures

Female Olympian Art Deco Statue Sculpture
Signed Brass Crafted Modern Abstract
Art Deco The Pharoah's Gift; The Queen's Offering
Emile Louis Picault (French, 1833-1915) Bronze Sculpture
Art Deco The Pharoah's Gift; The Queen's Offering
Emile Louis Picault (French, 1833-1915) Bronze Sculpture

Emile Picault - HIgh Preist with Sacred Cow

Native American "Brave Warriors" Bronze Statue
Bronze Sculpture

Eagle Falcon Bronze
Bronze Statue Bronze Sculpture

African Ratel by Antoine Louis Barye
Bronze Statues Bronze Sculpture

Sophisticated Southern Belle Art deco Statue
Bruno Zach Sculpture
Bronze Bust Diane Sculpture- Diana the Huntress
by Emmanuel Villanis
Royal Achievement of Arms Stags Deer Elk
Crown Shield Bronze Sculpture Crest
Mercury and Pandora's Box Statue
Faure de Brousse Bronze Sculpture

Andrieu d Andres Burghers of Calais Auguste Rodin
Bronze Statue Bronze Sculptures

Amazon on Horseback Attacked by a Tiger
August-Karl-Edouard Kiss Bronze Statue

Lady Justice Blind Justice Mayer
Bronze Statue Bronze Sculpture

Art Deco The Abduction of Europa
by Demetre Chiparus Bronze Statue Sculpture Bull Toro

Art Nouveau Sculpture - Nude Woman
Surreptitious Rapture

Triumphant Vercingetorix Bronze Statue
Battle of Gergovia Frédéric Bartholdi Sculpture
Burghers of Calais - Auguste Rodin
Andrieu d Andres

Walt Whitman Statue - American Poet with cat
Bronze Sculpture - 3 Patina Options - Limited Edition of 50

Art Deco "Dagger Dancer"
Bulldog Bronze Statue CJ Colinet

Auguste Rodin Bronze - Burghers of Calais

Brass Crafted Abstract Contemporary Art
Funky Bermuda BLU Lagoon Art Deco Symbolic Totem Pole
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Ludwig van Beethoven Bronze Sculpture Bust
Wall Plaque Decor Rozel Art Deco
Ancient Greek Monumental Socrates Bronze Louvre
Bronze Bust Statue
Art Deco Tänzerin Dancer
by Ernst Seger (1868-1939) (verde)
Credo Knight by EMMANUEL FREMIET (1824-1910)
Bronze Statue Sculpture

A Royal Crest Coat of Arms Bronze Wall Ornament
Bronze Statue Bronze Sculpture

Emile Picault - Scribe with Amphora

Appeal to the Great Spirit Statue
Cyrus Dallin Sculpture

JOAN OF ARC Equestrian Gold Leaf Bronze Sculpture
Emmanuel Fremiet Charles d Gaulle Statue

Stunning Lion & Serpent III
by Antoine Louis Barye (1795-1895)

Ancient Greek Monumental Socrates Bronze Louvre
Bronze Bust Statue
Brass Crafted Contemporary Abstract
Monumental Metamorphosis Statue Sculpture

G. da Bologna - Mercury - Hermes - Mythology

Caribou Stag Elk
Bronze Statue Bronze Sculpture

Art Deco Angel Descending
Bronze Statue Bronze Sculpture

Tall Brass Crafted Modern
Contemporary Abstract Statue

Unique Nutcracker Russian Ballet Dancer
Bronze Figurines

Ernst Barlach Expressionist Sculpture
Der Racher The Avenger Bronze Statue
(Char de minerve) Minerva Athena Chariot of War
Bronze Statue by E. Fremiet

Famille d Lions by J.E.Masson Family of Lions
Monumental Bronze Statue Sculpture

The Peacocks by Gaston Lachaise

Angélique et Roger, montés sur l'hippogriffe 2nd
Antoine Louis Barye (1795-1895) Bronze Sculpture
Ernst Barlach German Expressionist Sculpture
Magdeburger Ehrenmal Bronze Statue
Brass Statue Contemporary Art Deco Abstract
Melody Ghost Musician Sculpture Signed
Walking Roayal Bengal Tiger Sculpture Art Deco
Perseus Slaying Medusa Bronze Statue by
Benvenuto Cellini Sculpture at the Loggia dei Lanzi in Italy
Art Nouveau Lady Nude Statue
Surreptitious Rapture Sculpture
Royal Family Crest Coat of Arms Lion Unicorn
Crown Shield Bronze Wall Plaque

Frederic Remington Cheyenne Statue
Native Indian Sculpture

Joan of Arc Bronze Statue by Aed Caravanniez
Bronze Sculpture Statue
Abstract Female Floating Art Deco Statue Sculpture
Signed Brass Crafted Modern Abstract Art

Emile Picault - High Priest with Royal familiy fig

Ernst Barlach German Expressionist Sculpture
Der Mann im Stock Bronze Statue

Art Deco The Squall by Demetre Chiparus
Bronze Statue Bronze Sculpture

Brass Crafted Contemporary Abstract Art
Symbol Statue Sculpture Abstract Art

Native American Indian Chief
Bronze Statue Bronze Sculpture

Hercules & the Centaur Nessus Bronze Statue
Giambologna Bronze Sculpture

Triumphant Joan of Arc Gold Leaf Finish
Bronze Statue by Adrien Etienne Gaudez Sculpture

Mercury Hermes Pandora carried off
Faure de Brousse Statue Sculpture

Gilded Pierre de Wiessant Burghers of Calais Rodin
Auguste Rodin Bronze Sculpture

"Flower Lady" Reine Des Pres Bronze Statue
by Auguste Moreau Sculpture (verde)
Ballet Dancer 2 the Arabesque Statue Sculpture
Brass Contemporary Abstract Style Art Deco

Bronze Statue t-rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinasaur

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Visit us often to find special Bronze Sculptures from the following artists: Auguste Rodin, Burghers of Calais, Les Bourgeois de Calais, Eustache de Saint-Pierre, Andrieu de Andres, Jean de Aire, Jacques de Wiessant, Pierre de Wiessant, Jean de Fiennes, Bronze Ivory,Leotard Dancer, Tender Promises, Eternal Story, Gerda Iro Gerdago, C. Mirval, Dimitri Chiparus, T. Loran, P.L. Bessin, J.E. Mir, Marcel Bauraine, Lucien Alliot, A. Fayral, P. Philippe, C.J. R. Colinet, Bill Layne, Auguste Poitevin,Hippolyte-Francois Moreau, P.J. Mene, Emile Guillemin, H.F. Moreau, Hippolyte-Francois Moreau, L.A. Moreau, Edouard Drouot, Waager, C.O. Levy, C.M. Clodion, Henri Jacobs, E.L. Collet, J Luca Madrassi, H. Kossowski, Jr., G.L. Benisewsky, Lavingtrie, A. Kuhne, D.R. Rushing, G. Coustou, E. Fremiet, P.N. Tourgueneff, M.J.A. Mercie, Ruffony, Raphael X, D. Rene Rushing, R. Nannini, A.E. Carrier-Belleuse, Ernst Wenck, M. Constant, Maurice Favre, A Santini, E. Villanis, J.M. Lambeaux, J.A. Houdon, A.L. Barye, Waager, Duchamps, Frederick Remington, C.M. Russel, Cyrus E. Dallin, Jonathan Bickert, Carl Kauba, R. Arrieta-Eskarzaga, J.E. Fraser, T. Remington Davis, John Rogers, Pasqual, Jules Moigniez, R. Moreschini, Bradley Lorang, Charles Valton, N.I. Liberich, A H. Huntington, E. Lemaitre, Clovis E. Masson, Emile Blavier, A. Donz, E.L. Picault, Rossi, Eugene Laurent, Henri Godet, Auguste Moreau, G. da Bologna, Nicolas Meyer, Donatello, L.V. RObert, Paul Aichele, Benvenuto Cellini, Louis Hottot, Otto Poertzel, Don Winton, Louis Riche, R. Russell, G. Sonnenfeld, Ves Zoric, F.A. Bartholdi, I.J. Bonhuer, Troemmi, Bradley Lorang, H. Magnushen, Calhoun, M. Leon, Sutton, Tom Moro, T.F. Cartier, J.W. Good, John Q.A. Ward, Evgeniy Vuchetich, Bruno Zach, F. Chopin, Patterson, V. Szceblewski, Paul Dubois, E. Gregoire, Frank Williams, W.F. Engelmann, H. Der Cherusker, H.F Moreau, J.L. Gregoire, R. Kissling, Athanas, Ron Pekar, Clovis E. Masson, Mathilde Thomas, N. Bouguereau, Maurice Favre, Elias, J.E. Fraser, D.J. Shin, Wyatt Weed, Jesse Corsault, Samuel A. Robb, barye african ratel, barye tiger hunt, barye angelique roger, barye horse lion, F. Lemoyne, Lemoyne bronze, Charles Paillet, Paillet bronze, Auguste Moureau, moreau bronze, John Rogers Groups, John Rogers group Football, John Rogers group foundling, john rogers group wounded scout, Edward Drouot, Gaston Lachaise, gaston lachaise bronze, peacock bronze, drouot bronze, Benvenuto Cellini, Benvenuto Cellini bronze, Karl Auguste Eduard Kiss, Karl Kiss bronze, J. E. Masson, Masson bronze Faure de Brousse, Faure de Brousse bronze, C.E. Dallin, C.E. Dallin bronze, E. Picault, E. Picault bronze, E. Fremiet, E. Fremiet bronze, A. Carrier Belleuse, A. Carrier Belleuse melodie, A. Carrier Belleuse bronze Ernst Wenck, Ernst Wenck bronze, Hercules labor 4, GIOVANNI DA BOLOGNA, GIOVANNI DA BOLOGNA Hercules, GIOVANNI DA BOLOGNA bronze, Leonardo da vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti bronze, Niccolo machiavelli bronze, Galileo Galilei bronze, Toussaint-Louverture bronze, Caravanniez bronze, A Guarez bronze, Fayral bronze, Jules Verne bronze, Leon Pillet bronze, C. Kauba bronze, credo knight bronze, joan of arc bronze, perseus medusa bronze, fencing combat bronze, fencing england, art of fencing, spain fencing, france fencing, socrates bronze, pax peace bronze, remington Cheyenne, E. Degas, AA Weinman, Franz von Stuck, Nicolas Mayer, L. Mattielli, D.H.Chiparus, Alonzo, B.Zach, Descomps, P. Preiss, F. J. Bosio, Puget, J. Moigniez, A.Gory, Cl J.R.Colinet, A. Godard, V.H. Seifert, Agathon Leonard, Ernst Seger, Pollet, Eugene Laurent, Gaston d'Illiers, Leonard Baskin, Henry Alvarez, Max Bachmann, E. Villanis, Auguste Rodin, Leonard Volk, E. Fremiet, Charles Valton, Buterfield, Philip Young, R Bugatti, C.H. Montgomery, Salvador Dali, art deco bronze, art nouveau bronze,nude bronze, equestrian bronze, demetre chiparus, corporate gifts, medical office furnishing, office furnishing, business office furnishing, office art display, office interior designer, law firm office furnishing, bronze reproductions, business buying agent, retail buying agent, corporate statues, office furniture, hedge fund office furniture, stock market