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We measure our success or failure based on how we adequately serve our customers day in and day out. But we can't do this alone. We need your input and your suggestions on how we can better serve you.

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Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to introduce to many the highest quality of art from the Art Deco, Art Nouveau, from the Classical and Contemporary periods at an affordable price. We will also promote limited editions of some of today's modern artists who are not so well known. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and purchasing these pieces to embellish your home or office for generations. You never know... one of the limited editions may become a highly valued collector's item.  

Our Company

The Paulingston Co. is a diverse art company. We are based in New York City, but total operations remain online. We specialize in acquiring unique recasts, some of which are vintage recasts of the great sculptors of the ages including Antoine-Louis Barye, Frederic Remington, Charles Valton, Pierre-Jules Mene, Isidore-Jules Bonheur, John Willis Good, Carl Kauba. We ship all over the world from Australia to Belgium pieces as heavy as 200lbs.  

Customer Comments

Comments from Rodin Customers- August 2009

The Rodin arrived yesterday.
It is absolutely beautiful and rests on a pedestal in my dining room.
I could not be more pleased.

I'm a painter and a long time admirer of Rodin from having spent days admiring the diverse collection at The Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, where I grew up, to being lost in wide-eyed wonder while visiting The Rodin Museum in Paris.

Thank you for so much for effectively capturing the strength of his work.
So often reproductions lack the sensitivity of the original, which here is clearly not the case.
Les Bourgeois de Calais is one of my favorites and I have had the honor of seeing it in person from several collections. Your casting of Eustache de Saint-Pierre is fantastic.

Thank you!

Positive feedback rating no problem transaction, good communication Buyer: Jul-04-08 10:33
  - "Hercules and Diomedes" V. Rossi Classical Bronze Nude (#280228930356) - US $976.00-- View Item

Positive feedback rating SUPER -PARFAIT SUPER UN GRAND MERCI OLIVIER Buyer: Jun-24-08 12:09

Positive feedback rating Good transaction - The bronze has arrived and I will be unpacking it tonight. What a weight! Buyer: Jun-04-08 03:15
  -"Coming Through the Rye" by Frederic Remington Bronze (280219280002)- $4500-- View Item

Positive feedback rating Superior A++++ It is absolutely beautiful!!! Buyer:
fjh53 ( 54)
May-13-08 07:19
  -EXQUISITE "Art Deco PANTHER" SPECTACULAR BRONZE Item number: 280222936842 - $875-- View Item

Positive feedback rating Everything o.k. - always once again May-13-08 09:13
  Woman with Grapes Claude-Michel Clodion (#280217954574) US $276.00 View Item

Positive feedback rating Excellent transaction and outstanding customer service! Favorite Seller status. Buyer: Apr-15-08 13:19
  "Pax, Goddess of Peace" Ernst Wenck FREE PRINT (#280216541326) US $1,536.28 View Item

  "Nouveau Dancer" by A. Fayral Art Deco Bronze (#280216541139) US $500.00 View Item

Hello again, Paul.
Shipment has just arrived and the sculpture is in fantastic condition.
Many thanks once again for your prompt attention, and for the superb packaging.
I shall be monitoring your pages for other fine examples and, of course, recommend you to others.
Kindest regards, and warmest greetings from Scotland.
Al Eddie

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